Workstation Cranes

Workstation CraneWorkstation Cranes help you achieve effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications. Each system is configured with the operator in mind and is designed to reduce fatigue and ensure accurate load positioning.

Floor mounted systems can easily be relocated in the future. The installation is often much simpler and does not apply stresses to the building roof structure. Ceiling mounted systems are ideal when floor space is limited or access by other equipment is required where floor support steels would normally be needed. This option does require that the support structure is suitable for the loads imposed.

Quality materials and construction ensure operational reliability and safety and facilitate long life combined with minimum maintenance.

Workstation Crane Features:

  • Capacities from 150 to 4000lbs
  • Simple to install and extend
  • Can be mounted on the floor or hung from the ceiling
  • Multiple track profiles and span capabilities
  • Enclosed track provides easy movement and long life
Workstation Crane
Workstation Monorail
Workstation Crane