Bag Lifts – Ground Mount

The Bag Lift provides the solution for moving bags to and from the terminal gate to the aircraft’s cargo hold. At terminal level passengers load their own bags into the cart which is then lowered to the ramp and pushed to the aircraft for unloading.

Standard features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Lift speed 24 FPM (nominal 30 sec lift time)
  • One Bag Cart with a capacity for 25 bags, max. load 600 lbs
  • Bag Cart reduces luggage damage with custom STEEL mesh
  • No entry ramp needed
  • High-Quality Powder coat finish
  • Two Touch Pad control panels
  • Fault code indication via Touch Pad LED’s
  • 12 ft nominal Lift
  • Proven design since 2004

Safety Features:

  • Meets industry standards ASME B20.1, NEC, UL73
  • Bag Cart “Dead man” braking system
  • Completely enclosed structure
  • SAFETY BRAKE stops cart if hoist chain is slack
  • Slack chain monitoring
  • Door interlocks and cart position sensor
  • Hoist overload device
  • Multiple software and hardware limits of travel


  • Extra Bag Carts
  • Stainless Steel Bag Carts
  • Tilting shelf Bag Cart to accommodate wheelchairs etc.
  • Walkway or Fixed link interface
  • Boarding Bridge Rotunda interface
  • Direct Terminal or building mount interface
  • Extra lift above 12ft
Bag Cart Loaded

Bag Cart at Bridge/Concourse Level

Bag Lift Outside Door

Bag Lift interfacing with Building

Bag Cart Loaded

Bag Cart at Ramp Level

Bag Lift Touch Pad

Touch Pad